The Management Team is working for many years in the field of preclinical development i.e. at Schwarz Pharma AG / UCB S.A. During this time a excellent personal and professional relationship was built. Scientific endavor on the projects and the strong desire to give new therapeutics to the patients with severe diseasesis the main driver for their activities. The competences of the team members fit together perfectly.


Dr. Thomas Stöhr (Managing Director)                                                                                                                            

Thomas is Managing Director and Speaker for the Management Team. He is responsible for Development and Regulatory Affairs.

He has 15 years experience in pharma (Roche, J&J, Schwarz, UCB) and biotech industry (bitop, Ablynx) with expertise in Pharmacology & Toxicology,  Preclinical- and Clinical Development, licensing and additionally in Business Development.. Most recently he was head of R&D at a biotech company. During his career he helped to bring 5 drugs and medical devices to the market.


Dr. Martin Donsbach                                  

Martin is responsible for Research and Infrastructure since he joined on April, 1st. 2010. He is chemist with experience in Medicinal Chemistry, Regulatory Affairs, IT, Outsourcing and Preclinical Development. He has 15 years experience in pharma and biotech companies and was most recently Head of Regulatory Affairs at a biotech company.

 Dr. Michael Burnet

Michael is biochemist and has several years experience as managing director of private enterprises in the UK and Germany (Synovo GmbH). He is the founder of 2 profitable enterprises in the fields of pharmacology services and formulation technology. He leads business operations is responsible for financial and strategic planning.


Prof. Dr. Iris Löw-Friedrich

Prof. Löw-Friedrich, the former head of R&D of Schwarz Pharma and current CMO of UCB will take the role of chairperson of the supervisory board.