A2M Pharma has the mission of undertaking the development of the most promising compounds selected from the discovery pipeline of the former Schwarz Bioscience (R&D arm of Schwarz Pharma). The pipeline consists of a range of late pre-clinical and discovery stage projects that share the following characteristics:

  • The modes of action are largely understood,
  • They provide a risk moderated but significant improvement on existing compounds
  • They serve developable markets and indications
  • They are of interest to key pharma partners.

A2M Pharma will seek partners to support initial development of the most promising and advanced members of the portfolio. The focus is in Neurology, especially on Parkinson's Disease for the following reasons:

Market & Medical Need

  • Currently only symptomatic therapy available with significant side effects
  • Need for therapy to halt disease progression
  • Need for therapy to affect drug-induced dyskinesias

Well understood disease

  • Degeneration of dopamine neurones
  • Alpha synuclein as likely causative agent

Clear development path

  • Defined and feasible clinical endpoints
  • Short and small trials

Neupro experience

  • Founders member of Neupro development team
  • Experience in development of transdermal drug delivery systems

Selected projects are available for licensing.  Please get in contact with A2M Pharma for further information.

The current pipeline includes the following projects:

Quinpramine, a lipid raft modulator and protein aggregation inhibitor for Parkinson's Disease (prevention of disease progression) in preclinical development. 

Isorotigotine, a highly selective and specific 5-HT1A agonist in a transdermal delivery system (patch) for the treatment of L-DOPA induced dyskinesias in preclinical development

Highly selective antagonists of a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) involved in peripheral immunomodulation with animal model proof of concept for reversal of multiple sclerosis symptoms (EAE model)