A2M (academia to market) Pharmaceuticals is a spin-off of Schwarz Pharma that is developing the Schwarz portfolio following the merger with UCB. A2M Pharma has the mission of progressing the most promising of these projects until clinical proof of concept and licensing the remainder at earlier stages.

A2M Pharma is a compelling investment opportunity because:

  • Its lead candidates are the product of a refined selection process to identify compounds with straightforward development routes and minimal clinical risk .

  • The candidates generally use established pharmacological principles but exhibit improved profiles that ensure that efficacy will be maintained alongside clear clinical benefits.

  • Key people, operations and partnerships have been established and the company is essentially a turn-key proposition.

  • The management team of A2M Pharma has a proven track record.

  • The projects focus on CNS diseases and pain areas of hign unmet medical need and substantial growth rates.

  • A2M Pharma’s IP portfolio includes a range of other property beyond internal development candidates that will be licensed to generate intermediate revenue.

A2M Pharma is currently raising investments from private investors for a 18-24 month phase to proceed to clinical testing of its lead candidates. At the end of the seed phase one to two projects have been advanced to IND and a 2nd financing round will be opened for the development of this candidate to clinical proof of concept.

A2M Pharma GmbH was founded in December 2009. All essential operation aspects are in place. A2M Pharma possesses all data sets in support of the candidates and it is in a position to activate a full development plan immediately on conclusion of financing.

Please get in contact with A2M Pharma for further information.